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  • Where are your clinics located?
    Gleneagles Medical Centre Lee Surgery and Endoscopy 6 Napier Road, #04-16, Singapore 258499 Tel: +65 8952 6327 | +65 6255 0720 ​ Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre (Orchard) Dr Lee @ KYM Surgery 3 Mount Elizabeth, #12-01, Singapore 228510 Tel: +65 6908 1712/ 8952 6327 | Fax: + 65 6908 1721 ​ Farrer Park Medical CentreDr Lee @ KYM Surgery 1 Farrer Park Station Road, #13-05, Singapore 217562 Tel: +65 6443 3133 | +65 8952 6327
  • I would like to leave a review for the clinic!
    We welcome your feedback to serve you better. Please leave us a google review here.
  • What are your operating hours?
    Mon - Fri: 9AM to 5PM Sat: 9AM to 1PM Sun & PH: Closed *Clinic is open for half a day on eve of PH*
  • Do you accept walk-in consultations?
    Our clinic is strictly by appointment booking basis. You are encouraged to Whatsapp or call (for emergency consultation) us for appointment.
  • Can I make a same-day appointment?
    Yes you may. Appointment is subject to availability of the day. You are encourage to make advanced booking via our website or Whatsapp.
  • What document/ information is required for my clinic visit?
    You may prepare the following upon registration in the clinic: - NRIC/ FIN/ Passport - Referral letter (if any) - Past medical, lab, radiology report (if any) - Insurance card for verification
  • Can I move between clinics for my appointments?
    Yes, you can let us know your preferred location upon booking or rescheduling of an appointment.
  • What modes of payment do you accept?
    We accept the following modes of payment: - All major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) - Paynow - Cash Should you require clarification on payment not listed above, do drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!
  • What is General Surgery?
    General surgery is a specialized knowledge of entire surgical process from evaluation to management of pre and post surgical procedures. A general surgeon is able to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures to treat a broad range of health problems and diseases. Book an appointment for a consultation with us.
  • Do you offer health screening programmes?
    Yes, we do. In fact, we recommend health screening as it helps with early detection and prevention of diseases, and allows us to quickly manage your condition. Our clinic's screening programme consists of: 1. A consultation with our specialist 2. A physical assessment, 3. Blood investigations, 4. Diagnostic imaging, 5. and Endoscopy procedures. Book an appointment for a consultation with us today!
  • I do not speak English fluently. Will I be able to speak to the doctor?
    Rest assured that we will take care of you. Dr. Lee is able to converse in five (5) different languages, namely English, Mandarin, Bahasa/ Malay, Hokkien and Cantonese.






地址: #04-16, 6号纳皮尔路, 新加坡邮区 258499

📞 联系电话: +65 8952 6327 | +65 6255 0720


伊丽莎白山医疗中心 (乌节路)

李@KYM 外科诊所

地址: #12-01, 3 号伊丽莎白山, 新加坡邮区 228510

📞 联系电话: +65 6908 1712 | +65 8952 6327

📠 传真号码: + 65 6908 1721



李@KYM 外科诊所

地址: #13-05, 1号花拉公园路, 新加坡邮区217562

📞 联系电话: +65 6443 3133 | +65 8952 6327

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